Management Profile


Jay Parivartan Management ensures that the company vision & mission is followed among the network of our Independent Distributors.

The management is represented by Mr. Sandip Kumar Ramanlal Sharma (Managing Director)with a stellar 5 years direct selling experience.

Hailing from a corporate background with multifaceted skills in a multinational organisation with the expertise to manage one man show.

Our complete team of Jay Parivartan is confident on the ability and capability of their team to perform with excellence in the direct selling domain.

Our Managing Director, ensures that the product quality is maintained along with the seamless customer delivery process as per the laid down systems. We pay attention to the training and development modules devised for equipping our task force to carry the process of duplication which is an essential in successful direct selling.

To keep our independent distributors motivated we further promise to provide them with timely payments of their incentive on the sale of Jay Parivartan products.

Our vision is to undertake the needs of our customers and and provide them with the best experience of doing business with Jay Parivartan. We strongly believe that we   establish an environment for urindependent distributors to instil trust, time freedom and financial independence in true sense.