About Us

Bring Parivartan in your Lives and kick start your Direct Selling career with us


Jai Parivartan aims to bring establish a comprehensive direct selling business model where our independent distributors have the golden opportunity to explore our product categories under our brand AgriJayparivartan, Health Jayparivartan and Beauty Jayparivartan. We offer wide variety of product portfolio under the above mentioned categories to complete your Personal Care, Health & Wellness, FMCG & Agriculture products needs for any family household.


Through our rewarding compensation plan we believe that true entrepreneurs can shape their future in Direct Selling with us. We recognise true winners and support them with the right education, right compensation plan and guidance towards financial freedom in order to promote our products and experience true independence.


Our product quality consciousness and attitude lays great stress on inculcating an environment where our independent distributors endorse direct selling as a family business with our large variety of product portfolio. Our product certifications and registrations speak for their value. Additionally our management experience in direct selling industry acts as a value added proposition for any newcomer who has the keenness for explore direct selling for himself / herself along with their complete family empowerment.


We endorse “change” as one of the key factors responsible for any upliftment in our society and further we “salute” the benefits which one experiences by being an integral part of Direct Selling Industry.


We provide one to one guidance in order to be your support in building your own direct selling business by the help of our experienced team who promote our aim of making Jay Parivartan a business opportunity without any discrimination and open to all philosophy who are not scared to show their full potential and who are willing to perform by putting their best of capability and ability.


Individuals from any field and background who foresee to be successful in direct selling can contact our Jay Parivartan team. Through our robust compensation plan we have huge opportunities for our independent distributors to earn incentives in the form of commissions on the sale of Jay Parivartan products.


Jay Parivartan is your road to success if show your active participation in promoting direct selling as a viable business for you and your family in order to put your hard effort like in any business to achieve your goals resulting in raising your standard of living towards luxury. By adopting the our at of Parivartan towards the path of Direct Selling you not only choose time and financial freedom but also the control of your own life.